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DITEC International

Accessibility Policy and Website Standard

The DITEC Accessibility Policy & Website Standard identifies global accessibility and usability requirements and establishes strategies and processes to integrate accessibility throughout DITEC entire website. These standards are applicable on all of DITEC domains, subdomains and individual websites. DITEC's commitment is to make its products, services, websites, and documentation accessible and usable by people with disabilities, either by design or through compatible use with assistive technology.

DITEC and Accessibility Standard

DITEC accessibility standards are based soundly on public standards, including those issued by the U.S. Access Board; and in accordance with  WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0) and published guidelines by the International World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

DITEC complies with accessibility laws, and strives to supply end-user devices that conform and support the U.S. Access Board's standards as referenced in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. 

WSAG 2.0 & W3C Open Standards

  • Level of accessibility and extent of compliance: We strive to achieve Level A and AA compliance in accordance with WCGA 2.0 standards.
    • In order to comply with theses standards the content of our websites are based on and meet the requirements and accessibility criterias in Level A, AA and AAA in WCAG 2.0
  • Scope of compliance: our goal is to make all of DITEC's website under all DITEC domains and subdomains compliant with the aforementioned accisiibility criterias. Nevertheless, our current primary goal is to achieve compliance with pages. However, any new page is required to be in compliance with these requirements.

Web Content Technology & Compliance

Required Compliance
Level AA and Level AAA
All pages in DITEC main domain
Web Technology Applied
HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript 1.3, PHP 5.4
April-May 2014

Tested URL:s

As of May 2014 the following pages have been tested:

Page Name
DITEC International homepage
About DITEC Hubpage
Corporate Profile
Message from President
DITEC Environmental Index™
AR Technology™
ELST Technology™
SAM Technology™
Products & Services
DC-100 Collection™
DC-100 Product Line
Barnacle Blast
Pool & Spa
Rust Remover
Surface Clean
Teak Clean
Elite Marine Collection™
Elite Marine Product Line
Elite Auto Collection™
Elite Auto Product Line
Elite Universal Collection™
Elite Universal Product Line
Elect Collection™
Elite Collection Product Line
Bio Clear™
Deep Clean™
Gelcoat PX™
Metalon PX™
Preservation System
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