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DITEC International

DITEC's vision

DITEC products and services are provided through distributors and Authorized DITEC Centers (ADC). Services and performed by Certified DITEC Technicians (CDT).

When you are part of DITEC as distributor or Service provider you are part of a functional, responsible and environmental company. We believe that as an entrepreneur you are going to be able to make the business related decisions that are best for your location. However, we are going to share with you all our experience in order to assure success for all of our partners.

In order to start the process there are a few easy steps to follow.

1. Gather information about our products and services

This website tries to provide you with information and answer many of the questions you may have regarding our products and services. You can do a research about our products and services and read the information available in our website. If you need additional information please contact us using the contact us contact form provided. We do our best to provide you with information you require.

2. Application

To start the process we need to have some information. Please fill in and complete the application for and submit it to us. After review of your application we will contact you to proceed with certification process.

application for distribution Application form