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DITEC Marine

Bio Clear 2000

Bio Clear 2000

Bio Clear 2000 is an Advanced Detergent/Disinfectant designed to provide effective cleaning, sanitation, disinfection and mold prevention including odor removal and prevention properties.

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Deep Clean™

Deep Clean 4A

Designed for cleaning of a all hard surfaces prior to application of protective and preservation coatings such as DITEC Paint Preservation, Metalon preservation or floor protection coating. ELECT DeepClean is designed to clean and neutralize the Ph and polarity of the surface and eliminate electrostatic charge prior to application of protective coating.

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G200 is an abrasive, water-based glass polish and cleaner designed to be used on glass, ceramic and sanitary surfaces. It is also the recommended surface preparation for Glasstec S. G200 removes hard water stains, salt spots , render and cement stains, soap scum and other pollution from glass surfaces.

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Gelcoat PX™

Gelcoat PX

Gelcoat PX is an All-In-One gelcoat cleaner and polish. It enhances the appearance and can be used on all gelcoat surfaces. Gelcoat PX cleans the surface and leaves a clean and glossy surface behind.

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A long-lasting glass protective coating. Glasstec creates a water repelling (hydrophobic) layer on the glass. Its molecular binding with the glass surface provides long lasting protection against salt, calcium and mineral deposits, while protecting the glass from dirt and natural element.

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Metalon™ is a water based Preservation System engineered for application on stainless steel and other non-ferrous metal surfaces. Metalon™ is specifically formulated to prevent oxidation and rust while providing a dirt repelling surface. It offers excellent chemical resistance and is well suited for applications in environmentally challenged areas such as marine (cruise ships) and beach applications.

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Metalon PX™

Metalon PX

Metalon PX is an All-In-One multi surface metal cleaner, polish and protective coating and can be used on all metal surfaces such as Stainless Steel, Brass, Chrome, Silver. Metalon PX cleans the surface and leaves a protective coating to prevent rust and corrosion.

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Triton is based on special molecular engineering and is a preservation coating designed for application on teak and other wood surfaces. Triton binds to the teak surface and creates a protective and highly water repellent surface. Triton is a long lasting coating and does not change the appearance, color or feel of the surface.

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