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DITEC Marine

ELITE APC™ (All Purpose Cleaner)

Elite APC, All Purpose Cleaner

ELITE APC™ is the most versatile and effective all-purpose cleaner in the market. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable, without harmful bleach. The super concentrated formula empowers APC to clean just about anything.

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Elite Degreaser

Elite Degreaser

ELITE Degreaser is an industrial high-efficiency, heavy duty degreaser designed to provide efficient solution for most demanding tasks. Super concentrated formula offers high dilution rate.

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Elite DegreaX™

Elite DegreaX

ELITE DegreaX™ is a cutting edge Nona-technology based, environmentally friendly degreaser and cleaner. DegreaX™ can be used in food designated areas and replaces hazardous chemicals, mineral spirits and most hydrocarbon solvents in household as well as critical industrial cleaning and maintenance applications.

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Elite GlaXon™

Elite GlaXon is the most effective and ammonia free glass cleaner, Read More

GlaXon™ is a 100% bio-based, allergy-tested glass and multi surface cleaner, specially formulated to clean rapidly and easily, providing a streak-free shine with gloss retention on most hard surfaces.

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Elite Leather Clean™

Elite Leather Cleaner

An advanced, non-toxic leather cleaner designed for marine application. Removes dirt and oily material from leather surfaces effortlessly and offers exceptional cleaning properties.

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Elite Policlean™

Elite Policlean

An advanced and unique cleaner and polish designed for use on natural stone, wood, furniture, leather and stainless steel. It cleans and polishes the surface without smear or steaks. Spray and wipe application makes Policlean very easy to use. It is safe for use on marble and stone counter tops without leaving any residues.

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Elite Stainless Steel Cleaner™

Elite Stainless Steel Cleaner

ELITE Stainless Steel™ is a superior Stainless Steel cleaner and polish. Removes dirt, oil and finger prints effortlessly leaves a shiny and clean surface. Spray and wipe application makes it the easiest and most effective Stainless steel cleaner in the world market. Has fingerprint resistance properties for longer lasting effect.

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