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DITEC International

Maintenance of yacht is one of the most crucial components of its appearance and operation and combined with a significant financial commitment. Therefore, it is clear that expectations are high.

As a provider of marine products we fully understand the importance of the performance and quality of chemicals provided to our clients. An ROI (Return On Investment) or Cost & Benefit analysis is probably the most common evaluation for everyone prior to any purchase. It is a requirement and therefore more pronounced in corporate supply chain operational process. Nevertheless, each one of us makes an analysis of cost vs. benefits before we purchase anything.

We, at DITEC, want to provide you with adequate information about our products, so that you can make such an analysis and find out why preferring DITEC instead of other brands is a better choice in any aspect. Regardless if you work in supply chain in a big shipping or yacht management company, captain or purchasing agent for a yacht or owner of a marine vessel or boat, there will be a set of requirements to be fulfilled before you decide to purchase any product or choose DITEC as your proffered vendor. You will find that working with DITEC is getting our absolute commitment to provide you with the best tools to achieve your objectives with higher return.

While cost-effectiveness, performance, ease of use, personal safety or environment may represent different priorities in decision making process for consumers, they are all equally fundamental for DITEC.

We cannot compromise quality for environment and performance for personal safety. We provide our clients with a product line that is a proof to our responsibility and commitment to provide you with superior solutions and exceed your expectations despite your priorities.

DITEC Marine Product Guide