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How to Correctly Maintain Paint

Every yacht, boat or automobile owner wants to maintain the paint. The main goal is to keep the paint nice and shiny and try to keep the "new-look" as long as possible. There is no doubt that paint is the most important cosmetic factor since it is covering the largest exterior surface. But there are several other important reasons to maintain the paint beside the cosmetic factors.

  • Paint is usually protecting the surface it is applied on. Protecting the paint is a protection of the surface
  • Increased longevity will reduce repainting and repairs
  • Well maintained paint does not require excessive cleaning and therefore it is cheaper to maintain

Choice of cleaners

  1. Never use harsh chemicals that may harm the paint. Avoid boat soaps and car shampoos containing any of the following ingredients:
    • a. Essential oils: Pine oil, citrus oil, orange oil, etc are solvents. They are extracted from plants, but were they come from doesn't make them neither safe for the paint nor environmental.
    • b. Petroleum based solvents
    • c. Products containing glycol ether: in this case be aware about you health.
    • d. Cleaners with alcohol
  2. There will be places that will require higher performance cleaners. However, these are usually small areas and can be cleaned with another chemical that is designed for that type of cleaning. Remember, a boat soap or car shampoo should be designed for general day-to-day maintenance and should not perform as a degreaser or all-purpose cleaner.
  3. Have a total cleaning system with a set of products are designed to function with each other. Otherwise, you most likely will experience unintended results due to a chemical reaction between one compound in one cleaner and another compound in the other cleaner.
  4. Avoid use of corrosive chemicals. They will do more harm on both the surface they are cleaning and the paint.
  5. If needed implement a maintenance plan for the crew
  6. Preserve the paint and any other surface that can be preserved

DITEC provides a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products that are designed to work in presence of each other. They are designed to work in marine and land environment without creation of any negative side effects for the surfaces they come in contact with.

If you have any questions or need help with any maintenance and care plan contact us.

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