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Protecting the painted cars and yachts since 1975

DITEC paint preservation is an organic polymer that addresses a total surface protection unlike traditional waxes or acrylic sealants. A Sealant (wax is one type of sealant) make a surface waterproof but they don’t protect the surface against contaminants.

DITEC is a preservation coating. It not only seals the microscopic pores but also preserves the sealed surface by adding a durable barrier between the paint and harmful external environment components. Therefore, DITEC seals the surface as well as providing an effective protection against sunlight, oxidation and rust above the sealed paint.

DITEC Preservation is performed by CDT (Certified DITEC Technician). DITEC Paint Preservation System is a 5 step treatment to preserve the paint effectively.

 First step: Cleaning

DITEC Paint Preservation Step 1: The surface is thoroughly washed and contaminants are removed from all painted surfacesThe surface is thoroughly washed and contaminants are removed from all painted surfaces. During this process all previous wax and treatments are removed from the paint.


Second Step 2: Leveling and Scratch Removal

DITEC paint preservation Step 2; Leveling and Scratch Removal

The paintwork then receives special treatments and polished with individual DITEC components in order to remove the scratches and swirls and create a level surface. The paint is being prepared for preservation.

Third Step: Sterilization and Deep Cleaning

DITEC paint preservation Step 3; Sterilization and Deep Cleaning  All painted surfaces are washed again. This time there is no water involved. The paint is washed with a DITEC liquid detergent (Elect Deep Clean). This liquid enters the microscopic pores in the paintwork and thoroughly cleans the paint and removes all soot, smog and dust particles. After this step the paint is clinically sterile to ensure that no contaminants is going to be sealed and preserved.

Forth Step: Activation and Sealing

DITEC Paint Preservation Step 4: Activation and SealingThe clean pores are then filled up with a DITEC preservation agent. This process seals the pores and prevents contaminants from entering the paint in the future. DITEC sealing agent and activator is organic and does not contain any Teflon, PTFE or Silicone.

Fifth Step: Application of DITEC Top-Coat

DITEC paint preservation step 5; Application of DITEC Top-CoatThe last step of preservation is application of DITEC top-coat. DITEC Top-Coat is also an organic substance that creates an invisible barrier between the paint and outside environment. The Top-Coat protects the paint surface against contaminants, industrial fallouts, sun, dust, acid rain, bird droppings. Top-Coat has a very dense molecular structure and prevents even the oxygen to reach the paint and therefore protects the paint against oxidation and "sun-burn". This tight molecular structure protects the metal against rust and corrosion as well.

 Benefits of DITEC Paint Preservation

DITEC increases the gloss value and luster of the paint immediately. The value of DITEC is clearly indicated by the accompanying graph. An untreated paint deteriorates from a gloss value of 80 to 30 during a period of only three years, while the gloss value on a DITEC-treated surface is at least unchanged during the same period.

  • From a cosmetic point of view, DITEC increases the gloss value on a new paint with 20-40% and adds clearly visible higher luster and shine.
  • From a financial point of view, DITEC reduces the cost of maintenance with up to 90%. The cost for wax and polishing are completely eliminated. A DITEC preserved surface does not get as dirty and needs to be washed 40-70% less often.
  • From a practical point of view, DITEC saves time and efforts to maintain the new look with minimum maintenance. Once DITEC has been applied on the paint, you will:
    • Never wax the treated surface again, and wash it 50% less
    • Improve the retail value
    • Save thousands of dollars in maintenance
    • Have a 6-Year System Warranty
    • Experience over 40% higher gloss and luster
    • Have 75% stronger paint resistance