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Surface preservation is a process during which the surface is covered with one chemical or a combination of chemicals in order to protect the surface against deterioration. The challenge is to design a chemical that not only withstand deterioration but also is suited for the surface both in regard to elasticity and surface function.

A preservative coating must have a molecular structure that prevents small molecules such as oxygen from penetrating the coating. This property is the main and most important difference between a preservative and a sealant such as wax. A sealant is designed to stop water molecules reaching the surface. Sealing something is making it water proof. However, any smaller molecule, such as most gases, can pass through a sealant.

A preservation coating must prevent everything from reaching the protected surface. It has much tighter molecular structure and must withstand chemical and mechanical pressures over longer period of time. DITEC preservation coatings are designed to have a molecular and mechanical binding to the surface to ensure stability. They create a barrier between the surface and outside environment as a shield against dust dirt and also acid rain and corrosive chemicals. This functionality helps the surface to keep it's original (new) properties without signs or deterioration.