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How do cleaners work? What makes soap to clean better than water? and what roll does a surfactant play in cleaning products?

The answer is: "reduction of surface tension". Surface tension is a property of the liquid that causes the surface portion of the liquid to be attracted to another surface. The tension in the surface of the water-drop in the picture enables the droplet to create a cohesive ball and stick to the leave despite the gravitational force. This phenomenon is known as Marangoni effect in fluid dynamics. Marangoni effect causes both heat and mass within a fluid to move to areas with higher surface tension.

Surfactants or wetting agents are crucial for cleaning process. A surfactant lowers the surface tension of the water which causes the water to spread more and penetrate the pores and holes in the surface. Also by reducing the surface tension of the water, we are able to create an emulsion between water and oil, which is crucial for cleaning of fatty residues and dirt.

The higher the difference in the surface tension between the fluid and another surface is, the more movement will be created. This is an energy or force that causes the movement of mass and heat from one place to another. In the case of cleaning water, due to Marangoni effect, the water carries the cleaning components and agents to the surface. The lower the tension is, the deeper the cleaning agents will travel. Thus a better cleaning process starts with better result.

Our ELST Technology™ decreases the surface tension of the water to extremely low levels and enables our cleaners to penetrate the dirt deeper. Therefore, the surface gets cleaner faster and better without use of solvents and other dangerous chemicals such as glycol ether, citrus oil (d-Limonene) and not even alcohols.

  • [To Illustrate the Efficiency of DITEC Cleaning Products]A teak deck in need of cleaning. Normally it should be cleaned with very harsh chemicals”.
  • [Cleaned with Eite Boat Soap] The surface after washing with Elite Boat Soap using ELST Technology
  • Close up picture of teak deck before washing with Elite Boat Soap
  • Close up picture of teak deck after washing only with Elite Boat Soap.

The pictures illustrate use of Elite Boat Soap on a teak deck. Even if Elite Boat Soap is not formulated for cleaning of teak surface, it has been able to significantly clean the surface, due to our superior and efficient ELST Technology™.

Pictures provided by DITEC France