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DITEC International

Cleaning and Surface Tension

How do cleaners work and the importance of surface tension in designing high-performance and effective cleaners such as boat soap, car shampoo, etc.


How does DITEC Glasstec works and how does it protect the glass surface. Hydrophobic properties combined with protective coating.

Metalon™, Metalon PX™

Significantly expandinding the longevity of metal surfaces is crucial for marine industry and costal areas. Read More

New Generation of Products with New Technology

We provide a complete line of cleaning, maintenance and preservation products for marine, automobile, industrial and household applications. Performance combined with sustainability.


Sealing vs. Preserving

The difference between sealing and preserving a surface is detrimental for the longevity, look and performance of the surface.

Teflon or PTFE

What is Teflon or PTFE and why it does not protect the paint?

Learn about how Teflon works and it's inability to protect the paint.

Silicone Based Waxes

Silicone based cleaning and maintenance products and their effect on the painted surface.

Read about how it works.

Should You Wax?

Waxing is considered a crucial component of car, boat, yacht and airplane care. But is it really good or a double-edged sword?