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Any kind of wax for cars, boats, yachts or airplanes, is a chemical compound formulated to make the surface shiny. In other words, its function is to increase the gloss value on the painted surface. The gloss value increases because wax fills the pours and create a more level surface that is able to reflect more light with the same angle. Since more light reaches our eyes we interpret the surface as shinier and glossier.

However, waxes do not provide any effective protection for the paint, simply because they are not made for it. As a matter of fact, wax is harmful for the paint. This is because:

1. The painted surface is never cleaned properly before wax is applied.
2. Waxes are not intended to last long periods of time. Waxes vary widely in their longevity due to a large number of variables. A car that is washed daily with proper automobile soap and water can lose all the applied wax in less than two weeks. Generally accepted industry standard of longevity is 2 months under normal condition.

3. All petroleum products such as Naphtha, Gas, Gasoline or cleaning chemicals such as degreasers, dish-washing detergent and/or stronger-than-car-shampoos cleaning agents dissolve the wax immediately. This is because solvents and detergents (even car shampoo) is made to dissolve and remove oily and fatty components as an important part of cleaning process.

Therefore spending a lot of time and money to wax the paint is practically and financially an ineffective solution for car care or paint care purposes.

In addition waxing a painted surface accelerates deterioration and destruction of the paint. Waxing the paint deteriorates the paint almost twice as fast with twice financial impact. Why is that? This is a result that no car, boat, yacht or airplane owner wants to achieve.

A waxed surface is deteriorated faster. Read more :DITECUsing wax will only encapsulate the dirt and other contaminants in the paint. Almost all waxes contain oil, grease or/and other polymers. While they provide a water repelling surface - because of insolubility of oil and water - they attract dust and dirt instead of repelling these contaminants. By encapsulating the contaminates in the paint, waxes create a better environment for faster deterioration of the paint and causes more damage than anyone wants to admit.

The graph shows the deterioration effect on a new vehicle after 2 years. As seen in this graph the waxed surface has deteriorated almost twice as much compared with the paint without application of wax.