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Marpol and NPDES compliant environmental and cleaning products, safe for ecosystem and humans, yet providing exceptional performance and effectivity : DITEC

- DITEC Cleaning and Maintenance Solutions for Yachts -

MARPOL V Compliant

The maintenance of your yacht can be easier, more effective, with better result and yet environmental and cost-effective


Performance, Safety and Sustainability

“Performance, Safety & Environment” Fundamental properties that cannot be  compromised

Superior Maintenance System, Where Only Perfection Is Accepted

Advanced Techmology

 Superior maintenance sytem where only perfection is accepted

Let’s take advantage of the better technology for safer, better & evironmental result

Metal, glass, teak and paint cover over 70% of the surface of a yacht. We make the maintenance more effective, the result more perfect and twice greater longevity with lower cost.

“Be pro-active, not reactive” Better appearance, less restoration & environmetal

Teak Clean is using DC-100’s AR Technology combined with lower surface tension. DC-100 achieves an astonishing cleaning performance which makes it 300% more effective than phosphoric acid, while maintaining a safe, non-corrosive and environmental profile. DC-100 Collection is compliant with MARPOL V, NPDES, EPA , EEA  and other maritime requirements.

"Engineered to exceed expectations" Products in DC-100 collection combine high performance with personal and aquatic safety, prolong the longevity of the surface while providing exceptional cost-efficiency.

Marinial CPM
Paint and Metal Maintenance System for yachts, navy and cruies ships

Marinial CPM is designed as an interconnected care 
system eliminating unintended, destructive and corrossive chemical reactions on board Marine vessels.

Mainial CPM

Formulated to be non-reactive to marine evironment in presence of other chemicals

ELST, AR, SAM Technology

The molecular interactivity between different products contributes to better performance, more protection and greater surface longevity. Lack of ammonia, bleach and acid prevents accelerated corrosion.

ELST Technology; Where Performance, Safety & Sustainability unite; Superior cleaning performance without solvents, alcohol, ethers, thickeners, Teflon or polymers.

RO membranes remove salt and ions from UF membrane-treated water.

Formulated to be non-reactive to marine evironment in presence of other chemicals.

ELST, AR, SAM Technology

The physics of better cleaning is about molecular engineering; Exceptionally efficient fluid dynamic created by decreased surface tension empowers products in Elite Collection™ to have a better penetration into the microscopic pores of the surface and provide the most efficient cleaning results available.

ELST Technology

A Wise Choise; Greater longevity, lower cost, cleaner  vessel, better appearance, safer personnel, regulatory compliance combined with safer ecosystem.

Environmental Profile; Compliant with  MARPOL V Annex III. Compliant with NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System). Compliant with EPA requirements. Compliant with EEA (European Union Environmental Agency) requirements. Environmentally safe. Solvent free. Phosphate and nitrate free. Does not contain ammonia, alkyl or nonylphenols or bleaches. Does not contain silicon Teflon (PTFE) or other polymers. Does not contain corrosive acids. Readily biodegradable. High buffering capacity to minimize chemical use. Contains NO alkyl phenol ethoxylates.

New Technology



Water that falls in the form of rain or snow moves over the ground, in rivers and seas, and evaporates into the sky, and then returns again in the form of rain or snow. And the water we use is also integrated into this water cycle. It is our responsibility―the responsibility of humans―to clean the water that we have contaminated.  is contributing to establishment of safe and secure water environment by fully utilizing its cutting-edge systems and technologies.

Protecting the glass and making it as clear as water

Unmatched 10 months - 5 years longevity & Protection

Glasstec is a long term protective coating for glass  surfaces with following main functions: 1. Protects the glass surface from deposition of salt,      calcium and minerals 2. Prevents deterioration of the surface 3. Creates a hydrophobic surface to prevent water-spots 4. Reduces maintenance and labor with better clarity  With a minimum of 10 months longevity for applications  on windshield and front glasses onboard cruise and  commercial vessels**, and 5 years on building glasses  inland, Glasstec surpasses any any other option in the  world.   ∗ Picture from Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas. " ∗∗ Cruise and other commercial vessels represent the most demanding  environment for installation of  any protective coating. These vessels  are  constantly in the move, increasing the mechanical deterioration and damage  on the glass surface, which is caused by billions of impacts from hard  metal and mineral particles in marine air.

The World's #1 Paint Protection System DITEC provide a complete and durable preservation and protection system for painted surfaces. DITEC Paint Preservation offers superior longevity and offers a protection against desterioration and oxidation to the paint. Our Paint Preservation system eliminates use of wax and reduces washing interwalls up to 70%.

Durability, Performance, Cost-efficiency with Superior Gloss and Shine

DITEC is an organic polymer that addresses a total surface protection unlike  traditional waxes or acrylic sealants. A wax sealant make a surface waterproof  but they don’t protect the surface against contaminants.   Our preservation coating seals the microscopic pores and preserves the  sealed surface by adding a durable barrier between the paint and harmful  external environment components. Therefore, DITEC seals the surface as  well as providing an effective protection against sunlight, oxidation and rust.  The unique molecular structure of the coating empowers it to have strong  binding to the painted surface as well as a strong outer performance. Therefore,  DITEC preservation coating withstands acidic and alkaline environment, UV  rays and other deterioration factors.

Considering people, nature and lifestyle

Our environment is a global issue that must be addressed.  We all need to take an environmental responsibility while  realizing that we, our lifestyle and expectations are all  part of this ecosystem.  DITEC’s challenge is to contribute to a sloution by taking  sustainability, people, lifestyles and expectations equally into calculation.   Our efforts is to contribute to a solution by  making it our responsibility to create sustainable products  that meets your lifestyle, expectations and demands.

Forging the Future in Today's Engineering

The greatness of our ecosystem and our lifestyles are not incompatable. 
The balance can be created where environmental concerns and our way of living meet each other and that is the place of  "science".

Yacht maintenance with DC-100 Pool & spa, Rust Remover, Surface Clean
Yacht protection with DITEC Paint Preserrvation, Glasstec
Yacht maintenance with Elite Lether Clean, Policlean, Elite Stainless Steel Cleaner
Yacht maintenance with Elite Boat Soap, Elite APC
Yacht maintenance with Triton, Teak Clean
Yacht maintenance with Elite Degreaser, Glaxon, DC-100 Descaler

Water Sustains Life and Crucial For Yachting

Water, an essential resource on which all life depends. In order to create a balance with our environment and give the next generation to enjoy what we have today, we offer solutions without compromising the expectations and requirements of marine and yachting community.



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